September Releases

September New Releases-

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Daniel James – The Orange Tree

His heartfelt acoustic tracks characterise Daniel and convey his story from his troubled beginnings to getting his life back on track through his constant focus on writing music and searching for an inner meaning.

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Highway One 1500x1500

Daxton – Highway One

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Second Coming 1500x1500

The Sweet Lips – The Second Coming

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 Luke Escombe – The Vegetable Plot

Calling all kids, families, foodies and groovies – come and raise some soil, shake your stems and twist and sprout with the freshest, funnest, funkiest bunch in town: The Vegetable Plot! Created by Luke Escombe and starring Katie Wighton, Hannah Crofts, Georgia Mooney, Elana Stone. Featuring all-original songs, dancer Tina Turnip and a rocking live band

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Orbital Debris Promo front

JimmyC – Orbital Debris

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Luke Escombe – The Vegetable Plot – Tour Dates

The Vegetable plot grew from a small seed planted in the imagination of singer-songwriter and musical comedian Luke Escombe back in 2007, when he noticed how much some of his shaggy-haired musician friends resembled members of the Muppets. For years, nothing broke through the soil, until one morning, as he watched his 11-month old son contemplate a piece of broccoli, he idly picked up his guitar and strummed away in delight as the lyrics and melodies of dozens of songs began to tumble out like peas from a shell.

Now that seed has grown into the freshest, juiciest, rootsiest new band in town: The Vegetable Plot!

Leading the bunch are the deep-voiced Aspara Gus (Escombe) and his four delectable singing sensations: Sue Kini (Hannah Crofts), Colly Flower (Georgia Mooney), Ru Barb (Katie Wighton) and Rockit Lettuce (Elana Stone)– better known to older Sydney audiences as the songbirds of alt-country sensation “All our Exes live in Texas”.

Bringing the groove and crunch are the rhythm section of bassist Rutabaga (Noel Mason), guitarist Purple Haze (Aaron Flower) and drummer Mr Beet (Jamie Cameron), who together go by the name of “The Root Vegetables”.

Adding the top notes of melody, colour and flavour are keyboardist Tom Ato (Michael McGlynn), horn maestro Blowbergine (Ross Harrington) and earthshaking dancer Tina Turnip (Pip Ryan). Together, they combine to create an irresistibly fun and delicious musical stew.

So come and meet some new friends, be inspired, be uplifted, put your root down, veg out and get ready to toss your salad in the air like you just don’t care as the Vegetable Plot make their first public outing at the 2014 Sydney Fringe this September.

20th and 21st Sept at the 2014 Sydney Fringe

@ The Annex, 5 Eliza St, Newtown, 2pm

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